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Hotel Indigo and Batur Welcome New Guests with Innovative Strategy

Hotel Indigo Seminyak is the flagship 5-star resort for the Indigo brand of InterContinental Hotels Group, offering boutique stays to guests from all over the world. Batur helped improve their CRM, Email marketing and consulted on their overall to strategy to engage new audiences.

Laying the track for international civil infrastructure development

IDS partnered with Batur to devise an innovative strategy for tackling a new and untested overseas market. Leveraging our expertise in marketing research, content creation, website redsigns and tailored messaging lead the client towards potential opporunity within this unfolding marketplace.

Launching Mont Design as the whole world got a new room

By leveraging Mont Design Co’s expertise in ergonomic design, our strategy sessions led to a new opportunity and audience that is especially relevant during the global pandemic. In just 8 weeks time we crafted an entire digital presence for them – including their own ‘Work From Home’ interior design services.