Hotel Indigo and Batur Welcome New Guests with Innovative Strategy

Hotel Indigo Seminyak is the flagship 5-star resort for the Indigo brand of InterContinental Hotels Group, offering boutique stays to guests from all over the world. Batur helped improve their CRM, Email marketing and consulted on their overall to strategy to engage new audiences.

Securing the Future for the UK’s Leading Data Center Provider

Secure I.T. Environments are leading experts in containerised data centers, serving the NHS and some of the worlds largest retailers with bespoke database solutions. Batur were engaged to modernise their digital experience and align them with new opportunities.

Launching Mont Design as the whole world got a new room

Our strategy sessions identified a new audience for the remote interior designer during the global pandemic. Leveraging their work in ergonomic design, we helped pivot their business offerings with a suite of ‘Work From Home’ interior design services and launched this new positioning complete with a new brand, social media and website.