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5 Reasons your Business Needs a Digital Content Hub

Brochure websites that offer no value beyond a list of services and contact information are a thing of the past. To nurture leads in 2022, businesses have to do what we’re so used to doing in person, telling stories, sharing ideas, and demonstrating our expertise.

A digital content hub can be a powerful tool for lead generation. By cultivating engaging blogs, thought leadership articles and case studies that are relevant to your target audience, you can attract visitors to your site and convert them into leads.

What is a digital content hub?

A digital content hub is simply a website or section of a website that contains in-depth, original learning content such as blog posts, white papers, or case studies.

Visitors sign up for newsletters or submit their email addresses to forms, in exchange for access to your expert opinion, creating an opportunity to nurture them into leads.

5 Considerations for building a digital content hub

01: Discoverability

A content hub will increase your website’s discoverability by giving you more opportunities to be found through SEO and also help you rank for a wider range of keywords.

By producing quality, evergreen content that answers common questions and concerns within your industry, you can attract new leads who are already searching with the intent of procuring services.

As the race to rank for business services is competitive, it is important to give your website the best chance to be found by those who are searching for what you offer. Understanding which keywords and services you want to be discovered for, and mapping these to revenue targets can be a great way to determine your investment and track your ROI.

02: Nurturing Campaigns

Your digital content hub should be the foundation for all your nurture campaigns. By having a central repository of your best content, you can quickly and easily design targeted email campaigns that speak directly to the needs of your leads.

Often the misconception is that we have to engage our customers when they have active requirements, but in fact, by having frequent, low-touch interactions we can build a relationship of trust that will eventually lead to business.

When designing a content hub, it’s important to consider the internal management of email campaigns and assign teams responsible for building relationships with your audience.

03: Lead capture

Centralizing your case studies and insights builds a valuable database for leads to educate themselves, which positions you as thought leaders. By ensuring that your digital content hub includes a lead capture form, you can passively convert visitors into leads for your nurture campaigns.

The best digital content hubs will have a balance of free and gated content to ensure that users can get an idea of your services before being asked for anything in return.

04: CRM Management

Your digital content hub should be integrated with your CRM system to ensure that leads are automatically added and assigned to the appropriate campaign or sales rep. Each lead should be tagged with the content they’ve accessed, so you can track their interactions and gauge their level of interest.

Additionally, if you’re using marketing automation to power your nurture campaigns, you can set up lead scoring rules that consider content engagement. This will help you better understand which leads are further down the funnel and ready to be contacted by sales.

05: Structure

Organising your digital content hub by service line or stage in the buyer journey ensures that users only see the most relevant information for their needs, and don’t get overwhelmed with too much choice.

It can be difficult for a company’s online presence to keep up with the changes in its services. This can make it difficult for a lead to understand how you can help them, and where they fit into your business.

A well-structured services structure and aligned digital content hub will provide a clear conversion path for users to progress, so that no matter where they are in their maturity, the next step is always obvious.


Building a digital content hub is an important part of any lead generation strategy. By increasing your website’s discoverability, nurturing your leads and positioning yourself as a thought leader, you can convert visitors into leads and close more business.

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