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Perception changes everything, and how you craft your visual identity will change the relationship between you and your customer. Combining a consistent brand with an engaging user experience will dramatically shift your audience’s understanding of you and, ultimately, increase your conversions.


Our workshops are designed to encourage stakeholders across the company to share valuable insights about their perception of the challenge or opportunity we’re exploring.

This is where we can identify ways to alleviate user challenges, or capture the real essence of the company’s culture within the design.

By combining these insights with stakeholder interviews and quantitative data, we’re able to map user journeys and create system designs that get results.

UX Design

Our clients often come to us because their industry or product is complex, their user journeys have become frustrating, or processes that once served their small business have become outgrown.

Batur’s user storyboarding and visual design techniques map these processes into simplified workflows, which allows us to find new ideas and structure information in a way that is easier to follow and satisfies the needs of the end user.

Brand Continuity

With so many touchpoints for businesses, capturing your brand ethos and conveying the right message influences every day decisions.

From the landing page and email footers to the presentations and proposals that make all the difference, it’s in the words and sentiment of the design that creates familiarity and trust.

Our team works around the clock to deliver consistent branding that reflects your core guidelines, as well as creating content appropriate for interaction with your customer.

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Batur are thorough, prompt, and the utmost professional. They have a rare creative flare, and an uncanny ability to match the designs, colour schemes, and visuals with exactly what I wanted, without even knowing it. The team has my full gratitude, and whoever chooses to work with them, will not regret their choice."

James Gordon, Founder at Reverse Living

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Create designs that talk to your users and result in the engagement you need

For a long time design was about aesthetics, but for growing businesses, it’s about investment.

It requires an understanding of the audience, the outputs, and what a new customer means for you. Find out how we inform our design process with business strategy. 

Our Latest Work

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