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Laying the track for international civil infrastructure development


IDS is responsible for the delivery of some of the UK’s largest railway and civil infrastructure projects. They recognised an overseas opportunity and came to Batur for help in positioning their business in this emerging market. With market analysis and audience targeting, we pivoted the client’s business proposition and messaging to align with the new market, while also producing thought leadership, new website UX, and social content to reinforce the brand’s reputation and credibility.

When IDS engaged Batur, we were not sure what to expect. Within the first two months, we were already winning business from the work they had done on our brand presence. We’re now poised to grow at an unprecedented rate and we are all glad to have Batur by our side. Richard Markham Director, IDS


With thorough research Batur were able to map the foreign market and capture the complex procurement model that combined public and private stakeholders, hundreds of governmental influences, and multiple tiers of competitors.

Once we had a confident understanding of how to navigate their route to enter this new market, Batur embarked on a program of work to pivot the IDS proposition to align with the new stakeholders and growing trends.


As borders remained closed, trade missions to meet delegates and grow a network on the ground were placed on hold. Yet IDS retained decades of experience from working on almost every major UK railway engineering project of the last 30 years, which would be highly sought after as plans for years of development were being made.

To make this insight heard we needed to create a message that elevated their experience, to position them as engineers, but also as consultants, planners and those with unique insights on the to do’s and not to do’s when expanding rail infrastructure.

Our team crafted a messaging framework and produced content that repositioned their experience, shifting conversations from the services they provided to discuss the experience and knowledge they had garnered over time.

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To launch this venture overseas, Batur took a greenfield approach to design and build a new website for IDS. As with many cross-sector service providers, reflecting the broad range of services offered could be complex and require a huge amount of investment into content creation.

With their interest to go to market quickly, we designed the site to be clear and concise, creating service pages for their high-impact offerings and capturing details of only the specific industries that represented significant value to them.

By narrowing their focus and providing specific insights, we were able to align them with precision, resulting in projects being generated within the first 2 months that created a significant return on their investment.

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