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Launching Mont Design as the whole world got a new room

Launching Mont Design as the whole world got a new room.

Our strategy sessions with Mont Design Co identified a new opportunity and audience during the global pandemic. Leveraging their work in ergonomic design, we helped pivot their business offerings with a suite of ‘Work From Home’ interior design services. To launch this new positioning, we crafted a fresh brand, complete with social media, content and a website, delivering an entire new digital presence in just 8 weeks.

From the beginning, we knew Mont Design had an incredible opportunity to disrupt the traditional idea of interior design. With schools in Peru, work spaces in Australia, homes in the U.S.A., and retail stores in Paris, the experts behind Mont Design understand how people interact with their spaces.

With the majority of places under COVID lockdown, everybody from engineers and doctors to CEOs had a new room in their house: the home office. Separating these professional spaces from private life and removing distractions (or trips to the fridge every five minutes) is key to optimizing work-from-home performance. With this in mind, employees and companies alike were looking for design solutions to optimise efficiency, comfort and performance.


  • Create a scalable online business
  • Business, Prepare Mont Design Co to scale with structured propositions, platforms, and processes
  • Brand, Reflect the creative and inspiring people behind the business.
  • Website, Create a space to showcase mood boards, ideas, and inspire audiences.Growth, Strategise and create new go-to-market strategy, demand generation campaigns and social channels.


Working closely with Mont Designs founder, Lauren, we gathered a deep understanding of their operations, marketing, and aspirations. While our teams delivered creative assets, we continued to work together to consult on business strategy, defining next steps, plans, and objectives for the business to prepare it for the growth that was to come.


Taking a collaborative approach, we designed a new style, embodying the powerful femininity of the business and sophistication of service, with fine bold line logos and high contrast imagery. Going one step further, we created a beautiful loading animator and shot drone footage to take the brand off the page.


We worked with Mont Design Co to clearly define the brands ideal buyer types, creating three distinct personas for three of its service offerings. Based on these personas, we developed a detailed customer experience map, detailing the strategic and tactical marketing objectives based on the decision-making process of each of the three personas. Finally, we developed a 12-month content strategy and corresponding content calendar that set the team up for success in creating targeted, high-value content for each of the customer personas.


An interior design website has never been so important. With the travel restrictions, Mont’s designers are unable to meet their clients face-to-face. To overcome this challenge, the brief was to include all of the creative influence we can, with mood boards, case studies, blogs and more. After eight weeks, we launched the website, with an impactful social campaign. Today, we continue to work together strategically, to continue supporting their growth.

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