Optimisation: Hosting and Maintenance

We're committed to Continuous Improvement.



We provide continuous application management, hosting and integration for all of our clients. As the standards and world around your technology changes, we’ll ensure that your product keeps pace with security, availability and performance through ongoing improvements.

Secure, Resilient and Reliable

We reduce your vulnerability by working with cutting edge methodologies like JamStack, and take control of your data’s hosting, location and privacy.

All support and maintenance services are governed by strict SLAs, underpinning our commitment to respond quickly. What’s more, our transparent approach ensures there are no hidden costs or prohibitive fees.


Hosting and Managed Services

Our managed services include cloud hosting, using leading WebOps and Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP. We provide you and your customers with confidence in your infrastructure, by supporting you with our best in class engineers.


Cyber Essentials

Our teams are Cyber Essentials secured and adhere to fundamental technical security controls, giving you peace of mind that you’re protected against common online threats. This is only the beginning of our continuous improvement commitment to our clients.


Prepare For the Future

Batur’s bespoke client systems and workflows follow an agile methodology so that we can continue to enhance your product. This means we can get your solution implemented at speed, and then iterate with up to date knowledge of changing standards, technologies and requirements.

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