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Secure I.T Environments are leading experts in containerised data centers, serving the NHS and some of the worlds largest retailers with bespoke database solutions. With the complex subject matter, multiple audiences, and numerous solutions to offer at different stages of their product life cycle, communicating their offering online is no easy feat.

Batur partnered with Secure I.T. Environment’s to overcome this challenge, modernise their digital experience and align them with new opportunities.

The Brief

Secure I.T. Environments had ambitions to grow their services into different sectors, and expand their reach in specific markets. With these targets identified, we knew that increasing their search performance and content was going to be the key to unlocking more opportunities for them, but first, we would have to modernise their website with the updated UX and content in order to convert these new audiences.

Business Strategy

To ensure their digital experience reflected the operations of the business, we began with a 4 week deep dive to immerse our team in their process. We reviewed customer buying journeys, mapped the opportunities which generated the best ROI, and the customer life cycle from the purchase of new systems, to ongoing maintenance. 

From there, we were able to create a detailed strategy that contained keyword research, gap analysis, and identified opportunities to out rank their competitors moving forward.

Design and Build

We redesigned their website to reflect a modern image that would inform, educate and persuade their audiences as they moved through the site. Applying a consistent brand across the platform helped present the company they are today, and the audience attract the right type of customer. 

As their offering includes services to build, optimise and maintain data centres, we needed to create an information architecture that would make it simple to navigate to the relevant information, no matter where users enter the site. 

We came up with a condensed navigation and nominated core services pages which both organised their information to reflect the stages of database ownership and would perform well with trending searches.

Hosting and Optimisation

With their reputation in database security to consider and an ambition to increase traffic through SEO optimisations, Batur migrated to a new dedicated host with an WebOps management system to optimise the performance of their site. Google continues to reward our super-fast content delivery, as our solution serves audiences with the information they need, on-demand. 

SEO Performance

Once launched, we began our program of continuous improvement, employing on-page, and off-page optimizations to increase traffic and relevance to their targeted audience. In the months following, we’ve seen a significant increase in domain authority, keyword ranking and webpage visits, and continue to generate digital leads for Secure I.T environment.

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