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Unlocking Lead Generation with Hubspot: Strategies for Professional Services Businesses

For professional services businesses, lead generation can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process – one that often feels like stepping into the deep waters of marketing without a life vest. But finding leads doesn’t have to be so difficult; Hubspot offers powerful tools designed specifically for small business owners and founders to help them identify new opportunities, qualify leads more efficiently, and close deals faster. In this article, we’ll list out 5 specific tactics for leveraging the power of Hubspot to boost your business’ lead-generation efforts.

Structure your database

The first step to generating leads is getting organised with your data. Hubspot makes it easy to manage customer information in one place and access it quickly with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Through Hubspot’s CRM, you can track contacts, create performance reports, and sync up your email marketing campaigns. Adding key fields that relate to your business will help you segment your targeting when you come to creating targeted campaign lists. Remember, add specific fields to segment by technologies they use, services they offer and even services you might offer in return.

Integrate with your website

Integrating Hubspot with your website is the next step to securing leads. Hubspot’s integration options allow you to track visitors, collect contact information and trigger automated emails that can be tailored according to visitor interests or company size. The tool also provides a detailed analysis of your website traffic in order to better understand which content pieces attract the most visitors. One of the most challenging parts of lead generation can be managing the integrating with your inbox, so using a second alias email address for marketing can be a great way to avoid finding yourself swamped with out-of-office emails.

Create your targeted lists

Once Hubspot CRM is set up and integrated with your website, you can start creating targeted lists for email marketing campaigns. Hubspot makes it easy to filter contacts based on their characteristics such as company size, industry and budget, allowing you to send content specifically tailored to them. With full autonomy of your data, try to find creative ways to narrow down your focus for campaigns to increase relevancy, this will help with conversion rates.

Use ‘Gated content

Creating thought leadership content is a great way to generate trust with potential customers. Hubspot’s ‘gated content’ feature allows you to lock down key pieces of content and require visitors to enter their contact details in order to access it. Gated content is a great way of collecting leads from visitors who are already interested in your services, creating an easy entry-point for lead generation.

Track sales in your pipeline

Finally, Hubspot’s CRM system makes it easy to track leads throughout their journey. Hubspot’s reporting tools allow you to see your pipeline from lead generation to conversions and can help you spot potential problems in the sales process. This insight allows you to quickly identify common barriers preventing sales, helping you improve them for future campaigns. You can also create views to spot opportunities that haven’t been nurtured in a while to make sure you dont leave anything on the table!


Lead generation can be a difficult task, but Hubspot’s powerful tools make it easy to start finding and converting leads in no time. If your business is ready to start generating leads with content-driven campaigns, get in touch to learn how we can help you get started with Hubspot.

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