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Batur Digital

The key component in your businesses growth

We leverage digital channels to put your business in front of the right clients.

Searching for clients with £100k+ budgets?

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for a service that you can trust to generate leads for your business to grow. Our marketing methodology is tailored to attract high value leads looking to procure your services.


Target Audience, Branding
and Messaging


Website, Ad Platforms,
Tracking and Funnels


CRM, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation

It’s all about being seen

We help our clients to get discovered for their services, with a 360° approach that combines Web, SEO and Paid ad strategies.

Fig 1.

Our projects start by deconstructing the components of your marketing and rebuilding them to align with a single message and purpose.

Fig 2.

We use analytics and data science to evaluate the demand for your services online, and build detailed strategies to help you connect with that audience.

Fig 3.

As your trusted partner, we construct your marketing from the ground up, crafting every aspect to the highest quality standard.

Why you're here

At the end of the day, you know results speak loudest. Take a look at what we’ve achieved with our existing clients.


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Enhance your lead generation with our comprehensive step-by-step playbook, that has already generated £20 million in Construction, Engineering, and Installation leads this year.

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