Building businesses, websites,
brands and experiences.

Building businesses, websites,
brands and experiences.

An extension of your team

Batur aligns businesses with revenue opportunities through digital channels, extending your team to include strategists, designers and engineers who optimise processes, engage audiences and develop new platforms.

Discover the true needs of your customers and better understand the market, to clearly position your services for increased opportunities.

Create customer-centric platforms with design, content and technology that allow you to meaningfully engage your audience.

Initiate your program of continuous improvement, with best in class methods that help customers discover you

What makes 
us different

Batur builds specialist, bespoke teams around the specific needs and objectives of your business, focusing the right resource at the right time. Our agency model promotes agility, enabling brands to react rapidly to the changing demands of consumers. It ensures greater collaboration, transparency and deeper strategic alignment, empowering your business to scale and grow efficiently.

Business first

We analyse your business needs to create solutions that meet your KPIs and solve your challenges.


A business model that  provides the best talent for projects, without the expensive agency overheads

Global Network

Our talent work from around the world to build the best team for you, with complete remote management.


Developing revenue, reputational and organisational change takes time. Our teams deliver continuous results to grow your business

Full Service

As an extension of your team, our services are designed for us to become your trusted partner, which is why we limit our clients and make sure we’re there to continually support you.


People create results and we pride ourselves on being an agency that knows its clients personally, to create a culture of transparency and trust

Innovating the way we build experiences

Jamstack isn’t a new or specific technology, but rather a methodology – an innovative way of building apps and websites, delivering a host of benefits. Find out how it might benefit your business. 

Our latest work

Case Study

Launching Mont Design as the whole world got a new room

Our strategy sessions identified a new audience for the remote interior designer during the global pandemic. Leveraging their work in ergonomic design, we helped pivot their business offerings with a suite of ‘Work From Home’ interior design services and launched this new positioning complete with a new brand, social media and website.

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Our latest work